Small groups of players from the orchestra perform at community events, retirement residences, schools and where needed in exchange for a donation to the orchestra.

Fees range from $100 to $400.

Sample Chamber Player Groups

River Winds: A woodwind quintet made up of principal players from the Willamette Falls Symphony and other groups, consisting of flute, oboe clarinet, bassoon and French horn. Extensive repertoire including Mozart and Haydn Divertimentos, medleys from the Gay Nineties and from Fiddler on the Roof, Joplin rags, marches, Pachelbel's Canon, Carmen, Christmas carols and much more. Can perform up to 1 ½ hours of music. Sound carries well both indoors and outdoors. Available for evening or weekend performances. Demo tape available on request.

Possible string quartets or trios.

Contact Martin Sobelman

Phone: (503) 908-1984